TAILOR Workpackage 9

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TAILOR is an ICT-48 Network of AI Research Excellence Centers funded by EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme GA No 952215. More details can be found at https://tailor-network.eu/.

👥 Workpackage 9: Network Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of the TAILOR network, and the aim of this work package is to promote and support interaction and collaboration between network partners through tools, development of training material, organisation of training events, PhD and staff exchanges, etc. The overall goals are to foster excellence through shared knowledge and vision, to support a sustainable research capacity in Trustworthy AI which has critical mass and can effectively interact with European funding mechanisms, and to establish a healthy pipeline of future talent. The tasks in this work package will be coordinated with the CSA in order to maximise visibility and impact, reduce overhead, and align with the other RIAs.

📰 WP9 News

You can read about Workpackage 9 tasks and deliverables progress on our dedicated news page.

🚚 Deliverables

No. Deliverable Name Deliverable Stage Month Further info
D9.1 AI-driven collaboration tools V.1 M18 New Ways of Working: Tools for 21C Research (workshop)
D9.2 AI-driven collaboration tools V.2 M36  
D9.3 Training platform Beta M12 Deliverable report: PDF v1.1, v1.0 | Markdown
Paper & code: You Only Write Thrice
D9.4 Training platform MOOCs M36  
D9.5 PhD program Mapping of AI-oriented PhD programmes at TAILOR partners M9 Deliverable report: PDF | Markdown
D9.6 PhD program Proposal for joint TAILOR PhD curriculum M18  
D9.7 Summer Schools First edition (Bologna) M8 M13 Summer School programme
D9.8 Summer Schools Second edition (Barcelona) (M20)  
D9.9 Summer Schools Third edition (Lancaster) (M32)