TAILOR Workpackage 9

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TAILOR Workpackage 9 News

November 2021

New Ways of Working – TAILOR Workshop

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In September 2021, TAILOR Workpackage 9 held an online workshop, moderated by Kacper Sokol and Peter Flach from the University of Bristol, during which researchers discussed modern tools that help them do their job more effectively. The event covered a range of workflows including online interactive programming language environments, taxonomy and ontology development toolkits, online collaborative machine learning platforms, and novel (scientific) publishing paradigms. More information – including the recording of the workshop – can be found here.

You Only Write Thrice

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TAILOR Workpackage 9 has been invited to present their novel conceptualisation of (scientific) publishing at the Rethinking ML Papers workshop organised at ICLR 2021. Kacper Sokol and Peter Flach (University of Bristol) built a demo workflow based on Jupyter Book that allows generating multiple output formats (documents, slides, computational notebooks) from a single source (version-controlled collection of Markdown documents). You can learn more about “You Only Write Thrice” by visiting this page. This work formed part of WP9 task 9.2 Training Platform and Material.

TAILOR Doctoral Curriculum in Artificial Intelligence

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One of the TAILOR Workpackage 9 tasks is to design a PhD curriculum in Artificial Intelligence, understood as a set of topics and learning goals that would give a PhD student a solid grounding in Trustworthy AI through Integration Learning, Optimisation and Reasoning. The first deliverable of this task involved mapping out the breadth of AI courses currently offered by TAILOR partners, and can be found here. This mapping is designed as a living document that can be updated whenever new courses become available. This analysis will inform the next steps in developing the TAILOR PhD curriculum in AI (possibly allowing multiple streams to navigate the topics). TAILOR partners and others with ideas about what a TAILOR PhD curriculum should look like are invited to get in touch with Peter Flach (University of Bristol) at Peter.Flach@bristol.ac.uk.